We Supply:

  • Live Hatching Eggs

  • Day Old Chicks

  • Point of Lay Pullets

  • Chickens

  • Ducks

South Wales Livestock & Poultry:
Tel: 07930040182
Email: southwalespoultry@mail.com
Poultry Breeder & Supplier

Buying Guidance  

The golden rule is never rush into a purchase, birds are being bred all the time, get your setup ready first.


Do not read too many book and articles, get the common sense basics right then talk to people like us and friend with hens.


Buy lively but sociable hens , but not nutters that are not used to humans, you want bright eyes, clean bums and a bit of spirit.


Do not buy fully mature hens unless from an actual grower like us, too many old hens post moult are being sold as early lay hens, leaving the owner with hens to feed and few eggs.


There are some good resources on facebook, we find that the books are filling pages with old wives tales not really suited to modern hen strains much of the time. 


We produce our own no nonsense P.O.L Pullets, Live Hatching Eggs, & Day Old Chicks Etc Etc.

These chicks are sexed and have been Vaccinated.      please when ordering state how many you want  e.g  Hens or broilers. The price would depend on the age you purchase them. Our Breed of chicken is Rhode Island Red.

sexed day old               Under heat                            £4.00
1       week old               Under heat                            £4.50
2      week old               Under heat                            £5.00
3      week old               Under heat                            £5.50    
4      week old               Off heat but indoors             £6.00    
5      week old               Off heat but indoors             £6.50
6      week old               Outdoors but sheltered        £7.00    
7      week old               Outdoors but sheltered        £7.50
8      week old               On the fields                          £8.00    
9      week old               On the fields                          £8.50    
10     week old               On the fields                          £9.00    
11      week old               On the fields                          £9.50    
12     week old               On the fields                          £10.00    
13     week old               On the fields                          £11.00    
14     week old               On the fields                          £12.00    
15     week old               On the fields                          £13.00    
16     point of lay pullets                                               £14.00

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